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Day 2 Test

£ 59.95

Day 2 Only Test

Day 2 & Day 8 Test

£ 114.95

Day 2 & 8 Test Package

Day 2 - Double Vaccinated

£ 59.95

For double vaccinated travellers

Day 5 Test

£ 59.95

Required for self-isolation test to release

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C-19 Direct

Covid tests will continue to be an essential part of life for some time.

C-19 Direct was built as a lasting solution to provide reliable and fair value tests for anyone who needs to establish whether they are infected or not.

Our tests are widely approved as proof of negative Covid-infection for travel, medical, employment and government purposes.

We use proven processes, the best labs and seamless logistics to provide the easiest testing for our customers, making as little intrusion on your plans and daily lives as possible.